What is Depth?

Depth is a natural wine & solidarity fair and fundraiser for our local abortion fund, the Hampton Roads Reproductive Justice League, taking place in what is now Norfolk, Virginia on Sunday, June 2, 2024! 

We created Depth as a casual & fun ticketed experience bridging two social movements – reproductive justice & natural wine. We chose these movements to highlight the solidarity we find in the ecosystems within cross movement building. 

We’ll be sipping wine and chatting with producers and importers from our region & the world on the beautiful roof deck of Assembly Norfolk and discussing how these movements intersect, how to build grassroots change, and where we can go when we build strong coalitions of care and comradery. 

Also, just tasting some truly delightful wines and ciders!

We’ll also be hosting community convos and community building activities so you can join and help us build the ecosystem of repro justice & natural wine in Southeastern Va! 

Depth operates on a sliding scale to provide accessibility. All ticket sales will serve as a donation to HRRJL, with the exception of the cost for the event itself. If you’re industry or not able to cover the full cost, we’re excited for you to join us! If you’re able to help cover the cost of another person’s ticket & build solidarity, please do! The entirety of the event will be volunteer-led, organized, and run. 


What does this mean for you????

It means a choose your own adventure kind of wine tasting – your day will begin with a toast of delicious bubblies and a brief introduction to the intersection of the reproductive justice & natural wine movements.

You’ll then be able to taste some delicious or chat about community, either or both!

We’ll have a space for folks to “whiteboard” their thoughts about the movements and community building, spaces designed to encourage clusters of independent conversations inspired by convo cards, and be offering ongoing facilitated community conversations throughout the day in the boardroom space. 

These conversations will begin at 12:45 after our short keynote to lay out the day. They will be facilitated by Repro Justice advocates from HRRJL and a natural wine representative from Grandiflora, Eleanor’s Norfolk, or one of our participating distributors or producers.

meet us at Assembly, grab your program & wine list, your glass a tasty bubble to start the day!

two of our organizers, Ammie Pascua (HRRJL)  and Jason Edelman (Grandiflora), will be holding a grounding to start the day with intention in the main event room. 

Wander the event space & sample some truly delightful beverages! Get to know the folks making & distributing the wines you <3

enjoy the beautiful roofdeck and chat with your friends.

Or doodle on the community art space and brainstorm wall.

You can come & go as you please, join as many salons & community convos as you want, and/or talk all things wine with our amazingly wonderful vendors.

It’s a choose your own adventure kind of wine fair. 

Our first salon of the day will feature Kylie Britt (soon to be Ethos Wine & Tea), a Charlottesville-based wine professional who has a background in chemistry and a passion for justice and community building, in conversation with AmmiePascua from HRRJL.

Kylie has embodied many roles in the world of wine –  as Operations Director at the soon-to-be-opened Ethos Wine & Tea and the Wine Director at The Wool Factory, where she curates a menu for Broadcloth Restaurant and retail selection for The Workshop. Her independent project, Teacher’s Pet Nat, is available for menu and event consultation and educational programming.

Kylie loves nothing more than connecting wine and joy to her ideals of liberation and community. 

During this community salon, we’ll be chatting about erasing binaries & boundaries in life & in wine. Kyle describes herself as a silly little co-ferment and what could be more accurate of us all? Speaking from her own experience as a queer person in wine, she’ll challenge us to think about wine that doesn’t fit into boundaries and binaries & thinking through how erasing boundaries leads to liberation.

Our second salon features Jason Edelman, owner & operator of Grandiflora, in conversation with HRRJL. in this community salon, we’ll be breaking down who has land, has access to it, and more importantly, who doesn’t & why.

This community convos is a journey of introspection and dialogue centered on the multifaceted topic of land tenure and access.

You’ll delve into the foundational question: What do we truly mean when we speak of “land”? Through critical inquiry, we challenge conventional notions of land as mere property, aiming to unearth a kinship model that honors our interconnectedness with the earth.

Guided by our shared commitment to centering Black and Indigenous voices, we navigate discussions on indigeneity and the profound role of land in reproduction; examining how our relationships to the land have been shaped by ancestral experiences and the reciprocal obligations they entail – while drawing inspiration from a diverse array of voices, including Eduardo Galeano and adrienne marie brown, we explore actionable steps towards liberation in solidarity with the land and its beings.

Our third salon features Perry Conner (Spinning Wheel Wines) and Dan McGregor (Eco Gardens 757) in conversation with HRRJL. They’ll be breaking down the western invention of “nature” as being distinct from humans, and how that translates into wine. 

Amidst these reflections, there emerges a collective desire to redefine the relationship between humans and nature in winemaking and envision a future where natural wine transcends mere production methods to embody a deeper ethos of harmony with the land & recognize that the journey towards reimagining “nature” in wine is as rich and complex as the wines themselves.

in our final community salon, we’re chatting with a few folks about what building “community” looks like in the natural wine & repro justice movements. 

Participating Producers, Distributors, and Importers

Botanist & Barrel is the South’s only natural cidery — and first producer of Petillant Natural ciders — in the Southeastern United States, focused on spontaneous and wild cultures. Botanist & Barrel crafts real Southern ciders, fruited sours, and wines, by way of light-handed winemaking that intertwines old-world methods with modern sensibilities. Ciders are crafted with local, sustainable, and organic fruits, including blueberries, traditional Southern heirloom cider apples, and more, from their organic estate farm. Botanist & Barrel is an active, living beverage due to its unfiltered, unpasteurized nature, containing little to no residual sugar — making it a healthier lifestyle choice. The winery supports local farmers using only sustainably and organically-sourced fruits, including blueberries, apples, and more, from our organic estate farm. Ciders and wines are raw, wild, unrefined, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, allowing customers to feel good about what they’re drinking.

Founded in 2022, Common Wealth Crush Co. is the first winemaking operation of its kind in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Built with small producers in mind, we are custom crush meets business incubator meets thinktank cooperative.

As small producers ourselves, we founded CWC to help grow the next generation of fellow Virginia winemakers, bringing these minds together under one roof where collaboration and creativity can flow. Leveraging strength in numbers and community, we strive to generate “common wealth” for all the makers in our ecosystem.

We are passionate about the winegrowing potential of our region, and believe sustained momentum requires a thoughtful and honest approach to winemaking. We aim to use each vintage to convey the time and place our grapes are grown, while seeking out fellow makers who share this philosophy.

Free Run is a regional importer and distributor specializing in authentic, responsibly-grown and artisan-crafted wines. Founded in 2008, Free Run’s thoughtfully expanding portfolio includes sherry, spirits, cider and more with an emphasis on organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and minimal intervention production.

We’re dedicated to supporting the historical, independent, and family artisans who enrich our experience and better our lives. Free Run partners with independent restaurants and retailers throughout the mid-Atlantic to preserve and celebrate real cultural value in the world of wine and beyond.

Based in Richmond, Native Selections distributes  naturally-made wines to retailers and restaurants in Virginia and Washington DC.  We work with small, family farms and other importers to source wines made in a “natural” way, that is, with grapes farmed via organic/biodynamic methods, fermentations with wild/native yeasts, and made without any additives such as sugar, acid, color, or commercial yeasts, while the use of sulfites is minimized or entirely avoided.  The wines are typically unfined and unfiltered.  Our wines are lively, interesting, and have a distinct sense of place!

Native Selections was established in 2015 by Shawn Eubank. We operate out of a temperature controlled warehouse in Richmond and proudly service customers throughout Virginia and Washington DC.  

Natural Vinified Beverages is a boutique portfolio of unconventional wines that are rooted in tradition & push the expected. 

We operate out of Virginia Beach, Virginia and focus on small production & low intervention because a wine is only as good as its maker. 

Every producer in the portfolio is family – we are an attache for every maker.

Led by the brilliant due of Patrick and Danielle out of Charlottesville Virginia, Patois explores ecological equilibrium through untended apple trees, examining how microorganisms transform fruit. Working manually and creatively in a small scale cellar, the aim is to showcase the beauty of undervalued Virginia fruit to produce enjoyable and complex wines with the upmost intention and care.

Plant Wines distributes and imports wines that we love to drink. Whether it’s a traditionally made Barolo, or a natural wine made from an obscure varietal in Styria, we strive to bring you a product that’s unique, delicious, and that best reflects the terroir from which it hails. That said, we choose to work solely with small estates, vignerons, and importers that believe the best wines come from healthy grapes, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, fermented naturally, and carefully raised in the cellar without additives of any kind.

Our wines come from a diverse group of artisans with a deep connection to their land, history, and culture, which shine through each and every bottle of wine they produce. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to call many of these people our friends and to be able to share the fruits of their labor with you. They, along with our valued customers, are the reason why we do what we do.

One of the greatest joys for me in this business is getting to know people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a customer, a winemaker, or importer, we want to hear your story and we want to share our stories with you. It’s through wine that I have been so lucky to forge many meaningful relationships. My partners (Jenny & Francois and David Bowler) emerged from past relationships, and it’s truly been an honor to be able to collaborate with them on Plant Wines.

Everyone involved in helping to make Plant Wines are not just partners and customers, they are friends and family. We deeply care about everyone we work with, and those who share our passion for natural and delicious wine!

Spinning Wheel Wines is a negoc (for now!) project based in the Mid Atlantic
exploring the tapestry of grapes and pomme fruit the region has to offer.

Since 2011, Terraneo Merchants have been importing artisan wines crafted by real people, from some of the most compelling regions in Europe. Wine produced at an industrial scale lacks authenticity and character, and often includes a list of preservatives and additives. That’s why we import authentic, handmade, small production wines. Terraneo wines are always hand harvested, dry-farmed, organic or biodynamic farmed and vegan. Minimal intervention in vineyard and cellar result in memorable wines worth drinking, because life is too short to drink boring wine.

Williams Corner is an importer and distributor of wine and other fermented & distilled beverages based in Charlottesville, Virginia who knows that wine is an agriculture product. We specialize in wines made by dedicated and passionate craftspeople working in an environmentally conscious manner.

We acknowledge that grape growing has been one of the most chemically intensive agricultural sectors since the widespread adoption of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in the second half of the 20th Century. We choose to work with growers and winemakers who recognize the unsustainability of intensive industrial monoculture and who, as a result, have decided to take a different approach to farming. 

These approaches are as varied as the number of winemakers in the Williams Corner portfolio. What these artisans tend to have in common is a commitment to land preservation and renewal.  This philosophy of agrarian stewardship usually informs the winemaking process as well. It tends not to be proscriptive or dogmatic, but rather sensible, intentional, and holistic. 

The goal for many of these folks is to make exceptional wines of great character in a way that aligns with their views on the natural world. The results often provide insight into distinctive geographic locations, grape varieties, and/or specific processing techniques. They are also meant to provide pleasure, a feature of wine consumption we vigorously promote and defend here at Williams Corner.


Delicious natural wines from across Virginia and the region!  pet nats & skin contact & reds & whites & ciders & co-ferments & More

we’ll have small grazing platters & encourage anyone looking for more substantial food to check out nearby local restaurants!

There is free street parking in downtown on Sundays! OR you can find these parking garages within 1000 feet from Assembly Norfolk:
Freemason Street Garage
Bank Street Garage
Charlotte Street Garage
York Street Garage

The Monticello Ave Light Rail Station is directly behind the Assembly building, and operates from 10:55 am to 9 pm. 

A salon is a facilitated,  intimate gathering characterized by lively intellectual exchange, where participants engage in spirited conversations  that encourages free thought, debate, and the exchange of ideas. We’re hosting conversations around the natural wine and reproductive justice movements. How do they intersect, what does community mean, what does liberation mean? Where can I buy this tasty wine? 

Natural Wine is expansive and can mean many delicious things from how the wine was made to how the people who make and distribute the wine are treated. 
Reproductive justice is also expansive. It means 100% bodily autonomy, and clean air, land & waters, safe schools, safe communities, living wages, sustainable living and thriving. It’s what we all want and deserve. 

Nah. You can come & go as you please, join as many salons & community convos as you want, and/or talk all things wine with our amazingly wonderful vendors. Or doodle on the community art space and brainstorm wall. Choose your own adventure. 

@hrrjlva is a 501c3 non-profit founded in Norfolk, VA, in 2021. Abortion funds exist in every state, operate autonomously, and provide financial and practical support to people seeking abortions. With your help, HRRJL has provided around $50,000 in financial support for over 300 people seeking essential healthcare in Hampton Roads. 

Community supporters can  make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor! Monthly donors, at any level, help us budget care for the year so that we can be consistent in providing assistance. Thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Solidarity is a dynamic and collective commitment that embodies the recognition of interconnected struggles and the pursuit of justice through collaborative action &  a shared understanding of the need for systemic change and the power of unified resistance against injustice. 

In other words, we know the people who take care of us and it’s us. So let’s build that power!

By tasting wines in community with each other. …because every dollar from tickets (after costs) goes to breaking down barriers to essential healthcare. 

great question!
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In solidarity with the natural wine movement, there will be no tabling or other producer fees for Depth.

Get your tickets today!

for Assembly Members, in a spirit of mutual aid and appreciation for Assembly’s donation of the space, we are offering you a special ticket discount. Please email movement@hrrjl.org to claim them!

For our repro justice advocates & natural wine lovers, grab your tickets below!

We’re so grateful to be able to share community with you all. 

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