Depth: a natural wine & solidarity fair

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What: Topics and Intentions

Depth is a natural wine & solidarity fair taking place in what is now Norfolk, Virginia on Sunday, June 2, 2024!

Operating as a fundraiser for the Hampton Roads Reproductive Justice League (HRRJL) (link), a local & locally focused abortion fund and 501c3 non-profit, Depth is a casual & fun ticketed experience focused on education surrounding the intersection of reproductive justice and the natural wine movement.

During this 6 hour event, participants will be tasting natural wine from throughout the world. They will also have opportunities to engage in ongoing community conversations surrounding the aforementioned topics and will be encouraged to participate in community building activities. 

This ticketed event will operate on a sliding scale to provide accessibility. All ticket sales will serve as a donation to HRRJL, with the exception of the cost for the event itself. The entirety of the event will be volunteer-led, organized, and run. 


  • labor justice as an act of sustainability within natural wine

  • rest & joy & natural wine as resistance

  • the intersection of land tenure, natural wine, & reproductive justice

  • dismantling white supremacy & racial capitalism within the natural wine movement

  • let’s talk about land, baby – who has it, who has access to it, who doesn’t, & why

  • social movements and community as revolution

How: Event Program

The day will begin with a brief introduction to the day & the intersection of the reproductive justice & natural wine movements.

We will then move into wine tastings and community programming. We will have a space for folks to “whiteboard” their thoughts about the movements and community building, spaces designed to encourage clusters of independent conversations inspired by convo cards, and be offering ongoing facilitated community conversations throughout the day in the boardroom space. 

These conversations will begin every hour, beginning at 1pm, and last 45 minutes with a break from 3-4. They will be facilitated by HRRJL volunteers and a representative from Grandiflora, Eleanor’s Norfolk, or one of our participating distributors or producers.

Who: Producers, Distributors, and Contributors

Where: The Space & How to Get There