HRRJL is a grassroots, volunteer organization and relies on donations like yours to fund our callers. Our average caller requests between $250 and $500 but EVERY DONATION COUNTS! Consider becoming a monthly donor or asking a friend to donate to ensure we are able to continue funding our communities. 

—> No gift is too small or large! A monthly donation of $10 will fund an entire pledge and change a caller’s life. <—

Many of our fundraising efforts are put on by folks just like you through our autonomous fundraising program! This is a fun way for folks who want to support & share the message to get involved. You’re able to set your own time and tasks based on your own capacity.

an image is titled "autonomous fundraising." it features multi-colored abstract shapes in the background. In the foreground is the text, "We are 100% community funded. We rely on autonomous fundraisers to plan and execute their own HRRJL values-aligned efforts to help reach, and when possible, exceed our $800 weekly available funds.

If you are interested in being an autonomous fundraiser for HRRJL, check out our guidelines

Funding abortion is an act of radical care that affirms our belief in Reproductive Justice. Abortion is legal in Virginia, but legal does not always mean accessible or attainable. Thank you for your continued support of access to essential health care for our neighbors!

Prefer to donate by check? Our mailing address is:

7712 Granby St
Suite 55045
Norfolk, VA 23505

Please make checks payable to Hampton Roads Reproductive Justice League. If you would like a receipt, please enclose your contact information, or send us a request via our contact form!