Request Support

We support your decision to access the healthcare you deserve because abortion is safe, common, and normal healthcare.

If you are in need of financial or practical support for an abortion,
please call us at (757)797-6295.

Our trained volunteers will return your call within 24-48 hours.

Funding FAQs
We provides grants to reduce the cost of an abortion for folks living in or traveling to Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. We also may be able to offer financial support for transportation, lodging, and other abortion related expenses.

We work with most clinics in Virginia and surrounding states, and we don’t ask about a caller’s financial situation, their immigration status, or their reason for their abortion.

Call us and leave a confidential voicemail. One of our trained volunteers will call you back. Once we’ve worked to get you the financial support you need, we’ll let the clinic you have an appointment at know we’re covering the cost of some of your care. You just show up for your appointment.

The cost of an abortion changes depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. Prices start at $360 and go up as the pregnancy progresses. We’re here to support you, so if money is an issue, give us a call. 

Absolutely not. Our caller information is kept confidential, except to communicate with the clinic to ensure our support is available to you when you get there.

Nope. We don’t need our callers to prove anything. We work on the basis of solidarity and mutual aid. We want you to have the support you need to access abortion care unconditionally.